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Hello! and welcome to beebfun home to some of the very best in British TV comedy, captured here in the form of Desktop Themes available for you to download for free and enjoy on your PC. Sorry MAC users, this is strictly Windows based stuff. We now host well over 50 original Desktop Themes for use with Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000. More themes are planned including Chef!, Gimmy Gimmy Gimmy and Butterflies to name but just a few.  This website is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768 (16 bit colour) or better.  In addition to hosting the themes listed above we provide a home for some other excellent TV themes such as Young OnesBenny Hill - you can download these and other classic British TV comedy desktop themes by other authors - go to Other TV Themes 

this month February 2005 - win two free tickets to see the Tommy Copper tribute show Jus' Like That at the Alexandra Theatre in Birminham on 28th February 2005. Just visit the Tommy Cooper Desktop Theme web page and answer three simple questions to win! Wow!!!! 

I have also found some alternatives to Microsoft Plus!, Check out the Theme Managers page for information on some of the popular shareware alternatives. If you can't find the theme you are looking for at this website, check out the links to some of the hottest desktop theme sites on the net at the Theme Resources page.

At your request, I have improved the download facilities in the form of GetRight from each of the theme pages featured here. Additionally, to increase your download success rate, information is provided on a great piece of freeware, Net Vampire, that you can use to improve your download success from this server. If you experience problems downloading these themes then don't e-mail me - please read the Download Problems page. If you are the impatient sort who just wants to get right to the downloads - just follow this Quick Downloads link or use the Quick Downloads drop down menu in the left hand panel. I have also included a couple of pages to provide details on how to Install-a-theme and how to Create-a-theme.

beebfun is an affiliate partner of, and We have joined up with these great sites to improve access to on-line e-buying for videos, books, and DVD's of all your favourite comedy shows. You can now buy on-line using the hot-links provided from each of the web-pages featured above or if the show you want is not listed then try the search boxes provided further down this web page. Whenever you buy through these links we will earn a small commission which will help us fund the continued development of this web site. Please help us by buying your videos and books through these links. The themes are free - now help us! If you want to search for other items use either of the search boxes below. 

Click here to get the  Only Fools and Horses theme for January 2000 is version 3 of this popular desktop theme based on the classic BBC TV comedy Only Fools and Horses, featuring the Trotter lads, Derek and Rodney, who together comprise Trotters Independent Trading Co., In their yellow 3-wheeled Reliant Regal Supervan as they prepare to take on the world.... well Peckham, at least! To find out more the hit TV series Only Fools and Horses and preview/download this Desktop Theme, click on the Only Fools and Horses graphic.

Click here to get the  Wallace and Gromit theme The next Theme features those loveable clay figures, Wallace and Gromit the heroes of the three Nick Park films shown on BBC television, A Grand Day Out, the Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave. The films are set in the '50's in the north of England, where we find Wallace, a madcap inventor, and his long suffering dog Gromit, getting into all sorts of scrapes and adventures thanks to the clever script writing and production of Aardman Films, under the expert creation and direction of Nick Parks. To find out more about Wallace and Gromit and preview/download this Desktop Theme, click on the Wallace and Gromit graphic.

Click Here to get the Black Adder theme for December 1999 is version 2 of my tribute theme of the hit BBC comedy series Black Adder which during the years 1983 to 1989 brought a whole new meaning to the term historical laughter!! The show traces the misfortunes of one Edmond Blackadder (played by Mr. Bean himself, Rowan Atkinson) and his hapless serf, Baldrick, played by Tony Robinson. Version 2 has been made fully Windows 98 compliant and includes a brand new multi-media screensaver, a third desktop wallpaper file and a Windows 98 My Documents icon. To find out more about Black Adder and preview/download this Desktop Theme, click on the Black Adder graphic.

Click here to get the  One Foot in the Grave theme I don't believe it I can hear you say! The fourth theme is my tribute to that hit BBC comedy One Foot in the Grave in which we are introduced to that loveable old codger Victor Meldrew and his long suffering wife Margaret. The show ran on the BBC during the years 1990 to 1995 and was also the subject of six Christmas specials. Victor, played by the accomplished actor Richard Wilson, and his faithful tolerant wife, Margaret, played by Annette Crosbie feature in this popular TV comedy about a retired couple - Victor learns to cope with enforced retirement and Margaret learns to cope with Victor!! To find out more about Victor Meldrew and preview/download this Desktop Theme, click on the One Foot in the Grave graphic.

Click here to get the  Harry Enfield and Chums theme. This next Desktop Theme features some of the wackiest characters appearing on any BBC TV comedy show Harry Enfield and Chums - now I do not believe you wanted to know that!! This successful format, now in it's second series, features the creative talents of Harry Enfield and writers, Paul Whitehouse, Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, the show features some amazing characters that you will be able to identify and recognise immediately. My favourite - Kevin - he hates his Mum and thinks his Dad is pathetic. To find out more about Harry Enfield and preview/download this Desktop Theme, click on the Harry Enfield and Chums graphic.

Click here to get the  Keeping Up Appearances theme. Another of the popular BBC TV comedy shows to be featured at this site is that ever popular sitcom Keeping Up Appearances - now dear come on in, take off your shoes and do mind the wallpaper!! The show features Hyacinth Bucket (err, sorry dear that's pronounced Bouquet) played by Patricia Routledge and Richard, her henpecked husband played by Clive Swift, and follows the antics of this middle class couple and the lengths that Hyacinth will go to impress the neighbours. If you would like to meet some of the characters from Keeping Up Appearances and/or preview/download this Desktop Theme, click on the Keeping Up Appearances graphic.

Click here to get the Theatre of Dreams Desktop Theme This Theme breaks the mould here at beebfun in that it is a departure from the subject matter of this web site. The theme represents my tribute to one of the greatest football clubs in the world - Manchester United. Now you can live football on your desktop - now available in version 3.0 - c'mon you Reds. To preview/download the Theatre of Dreams Desktop Theme, click on the Manchester United graphic.

Click here to get the  Men Behaving Badly theme. Next we are pleased to feature the hit TV comedy sitcom, Men Behaving Badly - Tony and Gary are two mates who share a flat and fancy the "Totty" upstairs in the adjoining flat. The sitcom centres on their often outrageous behaviour to the fairer sex and what the ladies will do to get their own back. To find out more about Men Behaving Badly and preview/download this Desktop Theme, click on the Men Behaving Badly graphic.

Click here to get the  Bean - the ultimate desktop theme. This theme is inspired by that ultimate disaster movie, Bean featuring Mr. Bean himself Rowan Atkinson. Whilst there are other Mr. Bean themes available on the net we hope you will agree that this is comes close to the best of them! To find out more about Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Theme and preview/download this Theme, click on the Mr Bean graphic.

Click here to get the  Goodness Gracious Me theme. This next theme features one of newest comedy shows to hit BBC Television, Goodness Gracious Me a fast moving collection of hilarious sketches which take a light hearted look at Anglo-Asians living in the UK. Recently updated to version 2.0 - to preview/download this version 2.0 of this popular theme, click on the Goodness Gracious Me graphic.

We hope you have enjoyed beebfun - if you did please sign our guestbook. If you have any suggestions for improvements and/or enhancements to this page or the themes featured here please e-mail me. If you would like to be kept informed of updates to this website including new themes then why don't you join the beebfun mailing list and be the first to hear about all the new themes we plan to bring you in the future.

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